About Cameron Yuill

Cameron Yuill is an entrepreneur, former Fortune 100 executive, investor and media commentator.

Based in San Francisco CA, Cameron has been working in the Internet space since 1997. Cameron was a founding team member of leading travel industry aggregator of destination services Viator www.viator.com In 2002, Cameron joined Cendant Corporation where he was the founding Vice President Partner Marketing, the digital marketing division for this Fortune 100 Company. He was also SVP of Sales at Zoom Systems.

In 2006, Cameron was appointed Board Member of TripMates, (sold to SideStep/Kayak) the first social media site for travelers.

In 2008, he founded AdGent Digital a global digital media and technology company. AdGent Digital is the company behind AdTouch, the World’s leading platform for tablet advertising.

Before this Cameron was an attorney in his homeland, Australia (he is still recovering). He enjoys sailing, tennis, reading, and spending time with his family on his property in wine country California.

Cameron is also an investor in several start-ups including Peek.com, alongside Silicon Valley heavyweights Jack Dorsey, David Bonderman and Ron Conway.

Cameron has been published in numerous industry publications including Venture Beat, WSJ, Media Post, Smart Money, Fox News, Brand Republic and Huffington Post. In addition Cameron is regularly asked to comment on marketing issues and technology applications in the marketing arena by major publications including AdAge, AdWeek, The Guardian (UK), NYTimes and Mobile Marketer and has appeared on the ‘Money’ program on BBC alongside Rupert Murdoch and Sir Martin Sorrell.

Cameron completed an MBA at Queensland University of Technology and McGill University majoring in international marketing.

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